Visual Vibes: Using Images and Videos in Your Facebook Reviews

On Facebook, reviews can be something more than just written text or testimonials. Businesses can incorporate videos and images in their reviews. In this digital time, when social media is full of visual content. That has made the attention of the consumers fleet; hence they avoid reading written content and prefer pictures and videos as a source of information.

In these circumstances, the power of visual elements in the reviews can never be understated when it comes to casting the first impression on the potential customers. So, using images in Facebook reviews can turn your written text-based feedback into immersive and engaging content.

But Facebook has transitioned from “reviews” to “recommendations,” which allow users to add photos and tags to their recommendations. When recommending a business, users can now include photos to accompany their text and select tags to highlight key features of a business.

Here are some tips on how to effectively use images and videos in your Facebook reviews:

Images For Facebook Reviews/Recommendations

  • Before uploading a product’s picture, make sure that the picture is real and high resolution. A clear picture is always appealing to the eyes and makes it effective to understand the experience.
  • The caption of the post must align with the elements present in the image. It conveys the message more effectively.
  • To make it more relatable must provide instructions about the use of the product in the image. It will give buyers an understanding of the product.
  • As an addition, a business can also upload before and after images of the product. Giving buyers a hint about what to expect from the product.
  • If your business is about services, then you can use pictures of the individuals involved in the process, to increase authenticity and credibility.

Videos For Facebook Reviews/Recommendations

  • Uploading lengthy videos as a review is not encouraged. As we talked the attention span of the people has reduced. So, it is suggested to be concise and make your video short and engaging. Just focus on the key points of your review.
  • Upload a small video to showcase how a product works or how a service is provided.
  • Consider adding a voiceover to your video, providing a verbal review alongside the visual content. This adds a personal touch and can help viewers connect with your experience.
  • For reviews related to experiences, capture behind-the-scenes moments to give viewers a more authentic feel.
  • Be mindful of people’s privacy when including them in videos. Obtain consent, if necessary, especially in public places.

How to Add an Image or Video to a Facebook Review/Recommendation?

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • On the business’s Facebook Page, look for the “Reviews” or “Recommendations” section. Click on the option to leave a review.
  • Type your review in the text box provided.
  • Below the text box, you will find an option to add photos or videos. Click on “Add Photos” if you want to upload a photo, and click “Add Video” if you want to add a video.
  • Select what you want to include in your review from your computer or device.
  • click on the “Post” or “Publish” button to share your review

As a Business, if you want to allow visitors to comment with images on a Facebook page, you can enable this feature by going to Settings, selecting General, clicking on the edit icon on the Visitor Posts option, and then choosing the “Allow photo and video posts” option.


Harnessing the visual power of images and videos in your Facebook reviews can turn your testimonials into vibrant, shareable moments. By crafting a narrative through visuals, you not only elevate your own experiences but also contribute to a more engaging and visually appealing online community.