Reviews Online


Review Monitoring

Monitoring reviews increases your company's reputation. Every review that you receive ought to be considered. By addressing their issues, make unhappy consumers happy and thank your satisfied clients.

Get Email Notifications

Make sure you respond to your consumers well. Check the feedback from your clients, and support them as necessary by being active. Appreciate positive comments to lift your spirits. Improve your customer service and react quickly to angry customers. To be sure that everyone on your team is helping you maintain your reputation, review email notifications.


Digi Marketer Command Center

Your support team greatly benefits from the command center’s filtering procedure, which makes their job far too simple. The support staff can select the relevant status level, filter by review sites, and make notes specifically for the right kind of follow-up.

Review Monitoring

Respond to Reviews

Quickly and easily reply to customer reviews on Google and Facebook from the dashboard. With a simple click, you can also review responses across more than 50 platforms.

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