Tips for Getting More Online Reviews

Every small business desires to be at the top of the search engine result page when someone searches the category of your business. So, Google My Business Profile helps customers to reach you and find your location. The reviews on your Google business profile are also displayed on the result page. These reviews are helpful for the customers while making a purchase decision. The content of the reviews demonstrates your credibility. So, there is always a need to build a strong online presence and get as many as possible reviews. Here we are going to discuss a list of strategies to get more customer reviews.

Simply Ask for Reviews

 The key to getting reviews is simply asking for them. Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers to leave a review. There are chances that they’ll agree easily if you tell them about the importance of their feedback and how it is helpful for the growth of the business. It is also possible that there are satisfied customers ready to leave a review, they haven’t just thought about it.

There are two ways to ask for a review:

  • You can ask for a review directly in person. Positive interactions with the customers will encourage them to leave a convincing review. Moreover, you can also train your employees to ask.
  • If asking in person is not your thing, you can ask for the review in follow-up emails and SMS. Make it easy for them by providing a direct link to the review platform.

Make It Look Easy

People are more likely to give up if they find a task complicated or too hard. Not all of your customers are familiar with technology. Provide clear instructions and direct links to your review pages. Avoid offering incentives in exchange for positive reviews.

Responding to Reviews Deepens Customer Relationships

Show your interest in customer feedback by actively engaging and responding to the reviews. Respond to the positive as well as negative reviews to demonstrate that you value customer opinions and are dedicated to addressing concerns. Reviews from the current customers participate in building the trust of the potential customers in the business. By replying to the feedback, you earn customer loyalty.

In response to the convincing and positive review, you must show your gratitude toward the reviewer. And while replying to negative feedback you should keep your tone professional. Be understanding and provide solutions to the problems.

One more important thing in the whole process is responding timely. It shows that you value your customers and their words.

Remember to be genuine and respectful in your approach. Use analytics to understand trends and areas for improvement. Keep track of your reviews and use them as feedback to improve your business.